8 Make Your Statement with Priceless Handbags

8 Make Your Statement with Priceless Handbags

Did you ever hear “Handbags speak louder than words”? Your wardrobe is never complete until you have the necessary accessories like purses, clutches, or handbags in it. Today not only girls or women but boys and men also carry different purpose bags & cases. Mind you, there are more than 30 types of handbags, purses, clutches, etc. to choose from. Handbags do not only serve the purpose of carrying the essentials, they complement the outfits and persona of an individual also.

Let’s explore and find out the different types of common handbags and what purpose they serve. Which one is the right one for you to make your statement with the priceless handbags on the best e-commerce platforms?

The Shoulder Bag

This hangs on either shoulder, thus getting its name. You can get it in a variety of designs, styles, sizes, and colours. Mostly it is a large one to hold the necessary stuff you carry at all times. It is the most useful and popular handbag type. And it can be used every day nearly on all casual and special occasions.

Get a black, white, or beige colour in genuine or faux leather to suit all settings.

Crossbody or Sling Bag 

This single-strap style bag is worn in a sling style. It is usually smaller than a Shoulder bag. The sling bag or the cross-body bag is good for going shopping. It is purposeful, stylish, and comfortable for traveling, social events, and running errands.

You can keep two to three pieces in different styles, colours, and textures; in your stock, as they come in very handy in day-to-day use.


One of the best for professional women and everyday use. This could fit in your gadgets like a laptop.

It is medium-sized and has two short handles or a longer strap for easy carry.

When opting for this it may be having your priceless goods like a laptop which has very important data. So go for a tough good quality leather one, so that it can be strong enough to carry and last longer.

It enhances your on-campus look or the practical corporate outfit.

Tote Bag

A strong rectangular-shaped but medium-sized bag made mostly with canvas or leather material. Shopping must have as it has a single compartment; big enough to carry lots of shopping items, women do. Comes with the option of both closing and opening on a higher side. An answer to your every day quick engagements.

Clutch Bag

A splendid choice when it comes to going for special occasions like Weddings or special events. It is very handy as not very big mostly decorated and jeweled. The versatile thing can vary in size and have compartments for you to carry different items. The little low-profile design can be used on casual occasions as well.

So it’s well worth it and you just want to have at least one or two to suit that special occasion. But it is naturally every girl’s choice.

Hobo Bag

A handbag styled but not so wide in size. This is a glamorous pick if you are bored with the normal clutches, Totes, and handbags, this is surely the right one. This slouchy shape can be a fit for any occasion type like traveling, a casual meeting, or being with friends.


This functional small but perfect style is great for carrying the most essentials like your credit card, ID, lipsticks, keys, and cash. Some are designed as such to carry your smartphones. You carry it on your wrist and hop around from place to place enjoying yourself.


This is the one to opt for if you want to make your statement with priceless handbags

Stuff. Considered iconic, often called a purse, it comes in a variety of styles, and designs to suit your personality type. It carries the essentials and is a part of your handbag sometimes.

If you invest in a branded one, they just look gorgeous and can be a good asset for a long time. Carry it alone to be hassle-free from being overloaded and look outstanding.

Key Factors and Quality Matters 

When the phase of actual buying, comes it’s all up to you. Your persona, your outlook, and the occasion all matter when you are opting to buy.  Go for the one that has both the material basis and the longevity purpose embedded. There are other ways you can find out to save on the classic ones because you don’t buy them every day. With a little research definitely, you will find a good one in price and quality.