How to Check Emirates ID Status Online in UAE

How to Check Emirates ID Status Online in UAE

Are you eager to safeguard your residential rights, protect your future, and ensure a secure path ahead? Look no further than the Emirates ID, a powerful identity document that serves as your universal proof of identity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This remarkable card holds the key to countless aspects of your life, from seamless government transactions to banking services and healthcare. Just like a compass guides a traveler on a journey, understanding the status of your Emirates ID is essential for staying informed about its validity, renewal requirements, and potential updates.

So, let's embark on a quest to unveil the mysteries of your Emirates ID status and discover how you can effortlessly check it online. Picture yourself as an intrepid explorer, equipped with knowledge and confidence, as we navigate this exciting terrain together.

The Emirates ID, much like a gatekeeper, verifies the identity of every resident in the UAE, granting them the privilege of calling this vibrant nation their home. It is a document of utmost importance, akin to a master key that unlocks opportunities such as renting apartments, securing office spaces, or pursuing education within the country's borders. When applying for government services or sponsorships, the Emirates ID becomes your golden ticket, assuring access to the world of possibilities that awaits. And even when you venture beyond the UAE's borders, this indispensable document accompanies you on your travels. However, like the seasons that change, the Emirates ID requires regular attention, necessitating periodic updates to keep it relevant.


Now, imagine a virtual pathway, a virtual thread woven by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship, leading you to track your Emirates ID status with ease. By embarking on this digital adventure, you gain access to the portal that unravels the secrets of your Emirates ID's validity period. As the sands of time trickle down and your Emirates ID approaches its expiry date, you can file an online application for renewal. Much like an ancient manuscript being examined by scribes, your present and past as a UAE citizen are meticulously reviewed by the authorities. Within a span of 10 to 14 days, if all is well, your Emirates ID status will be refreshed, ensuring a smooth continuation of your journey.

As you tread this virtual path, don't forget to bookmark the website and return to it to stay updated on the progress of your Emirates ID renewal. Think of it as a digital sentinel, guarding your future and guiding you toward a seamless renewal process.


Now, let's unveil the method to check your Emirates ID status online—a simple and accessible process designed with your convenience in mind. Imagine yourself stepping into a realm where steps unfold effortlessly:

1. Embark on a transformative journey by clicking on this link, which will transport you to the ID card status page on the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website.

2. As you enter this virtual domain, you'll be greeted by a portal that asks for your application number (PRAN) and Emirates ID number. Remember not to include the hyphen in your entry.

3. With a flicker of anticipation, your application status illuminates the screen. Examine it carefully and refresh the browser if necessary, as if adjusting the focus of a crystal-clear lens.

As you traverse this online realm, remember to safeguard yourself from potential identity thefts by refraining from sharing your application and Emirates ID numbers with anyone. Just like a precious treasure is protected, your personal information must remain secure.


Now, let's delve into the realm of costs, where the Emirates ID status update awaits those who seek its approval. Like two magnificent doors opening before you, there are two types of approvals that can be bestowed upon you: a 2-year validity approval or a 10-year validity approval. Each one carries a symbolic price tag, reflecting the value placed on this powerful document:

- For a 2-year validity approval, a modest fee of 390 AED opens the door to a short-term journey filled with possibilities.

- Meanwhile, for those seeking an enduring adventure, a 10-year validity approval beckons with a price tag of 1153 AED, unlocking a decade of opportunities.

Renewing your Emirates ID is akin to tending to a vital flame, ensuring it never extinguishes. The government, like a vigilant guardian, expects individuals and families to file renewal applications within 30 days of expiry. Failure to do so sets in motion a countdown—a tax of 20 AED per day that gradually accrues over 500 days. Once this threshold is reached, the Emirates ID is automatically canceled, much like a missed chance that slips away.

However, you hold the power to prevent this fate. By renewing your card before its expiry, you can avoid the impending tax and continue your journey unhindered. To embark on this proactive path, a replacement fee of approximately 300 AED must be paid.

Remember, the application fee for eForm renewal and replacement applications is 40 AED. Think of it as a modest investment to secure your future and preserve your identity.


In conclusion, the UAE government has paved the way for a seamless and efficient process of checking your Emirates ID status online. Just as the night sky reveals its countless stars, the approval process shines with simplicity, offering reassurance to all who have dutifully completed their forms and retained their important documents. And fear not, for should you encounter any digital obstacles along your path, the ever-helpful Customer Happiness awaits, ready to guide you toward your destination.

Now, armed with knowledge and a sense of purpose, you can embark on this digital journey with confidence. Unveil the secrets of your Emirates ID status, secure your future, and stride forward, a master of your own destiny. The power lies in your hands, and the Emirates ID stands as your steadfast companion, ensuring that every step you take is one of certainty and promise.