How To Make The Ultimate Zen Room In Your Home

How To Make The Ultimate Zen Room In Your Home

We all know that life can get a little bit too much. That is why we need to find the time and the place to relax. At some point during the day, you need to ease your mind and forget about your life struggles. That is why you must create the ultimate zen room for your home. To create an environment you wish to relax physically and mentally. Let's take a look at how you create the ultimate zen room. 

Earthy Colours Are Relaxing

To create a nice aura in your room, you need to have soft colours in your home. Earthy colours such as cream, grey, pastel, and olive green are all relaxing colours to soothe your mind. When painting your walls, it is also important to pick colours which go well with one another. Make sure there aren’t any stand-out features with the colours you pick. 

Visual Continuity

Visual continuity is another great way to create the ultimate zen room. That means your furniture and decoration should flow. To do this, you need to take a step back in your room and look at the lines of your furniture. See what sticks out and try to swap it with something which has a smoother edge. For example, instead of a rectangular table, consider an oval table.

For vanity units or shelving, place it perpendicular to the main directional flow of the room. That will help create two separate spaces in the room. Don’t do this if your room is small as it only looks good in large rooms. 

Place Soft Furnishings On Things You Touch

It is another great way to create the ultimate zen room. For example, if you walk around your room barefoot, purchase a rug. You can also buy a throw, which matches your cushion covers, for the arms of your chair if they are made out of wood or metal. 

That doesn’t just mean physical softness for your room either. You will also need something easy on the eye. Again, this goes back to the main point of pastel colours in your zen room. It also includes light-toned wood furnishings for your home. 

Use Natural Light Materials

Using natural light materials is another great way to relax your mind in your zen room. You don’t need stand-out patterns with your soft furnishings. You also don’t need vibrant colours in your zen room. Additionally, you want a bit of natural light coming into your room but nothing too much. Natural light can be relaxing but during the summer period, you can find the sunlight overwhelming. 

Soft/Warm Lights Around Your Room

Getting the lighting right in your zen room is very important. Not to mention that it is the deciding factor of your room as well. To make sure you are getting the lighting right, consider buying table lamps with warm light bulbs. You can also buy fairy lights for you as they are also easy on the eye. 

If you don’t want lights in your room, consider buying scented candles that give off soothing smells. Calming candles is a fantastic way to relax your mind after a hard day at work. 

Keep Everything In Your Room As Simple As Possible

There are many things that you can change in your home however, you don’t want to overthink it. Sometimes simple is the best way to decorate your home, especially when designing your zen room.

To create the ultimate zen room, you need to design your room with natural but high-quality materials. The more natural materials you have in your zen room, the more relaxed you will feel. Consider having plants in your zen room as this also gives off the same aura. 

Take Away Electronic Distractions

If you want to create the best zen room possible, you need to remove all electronic distractions. That would include televisions, laptops and mobile phones. The zen room shouldn’t have a wifi router or smart metres. We also would recommend any speakers in this room unless you use music to help you relax. All of this is very important when creating your zen room.

If you still want something to look at in your zen room, consider a small desktop fountain. If noise is something that you don’t want in your zen room then consider an incense fountain. 


At the end of the day, to create the ultimate zen room, you need to pick things you find relaxing. Neutral colours are always advised when designing your zen room but if that's something you don’t find relaxing then don’t pick those colours. 

Keeping your room clean and tidy is essential for your zen, whether that is your bedroom or a living room, you need to ensure it is tidy. Make sure your clothes are tidied away so it isn’t too messy.