Personalized Baby Bibs Singapore: Adding a Touch of Individuality to Mealtime

Personalized Baby Bibs Singapore: Adding a Touch of Individuality to Mealtime

Have you ever wished that your gift would stand out from the rest on a birthday occasion? Well, we wish this too and we have a secret recipe for you (winks!). Just adding a touch of personalization to your baby gifts Singapore makes them charming and thoughtful. Although you can personalize literally every baby product but today, we have come to guide you about how to add a touch of individuality to baby bibs. Bibs make a precious keepsake when they are personalized. With this unique touch, your gift can leave a lasting impression on everyone. Are you wondering how you can create one? This blog encompasses the step-by-step guide on how you can specially personalize a baby bib for your loved one. Let’s create timeless memories together!

Why Makes Personalized Baby Bibs Special?

No doubt, baby bibs are practical as they protect the clothes from getting dirty. Imagine how amazing this practical item would look when it’s given a touch of personalization. Along with catching every food particle, they become a thoughtful gift that can be cherished for life long. Whether you are a mother or thinking of presenting it to someone special, it makes a wonderful gift item that captures the essence of early days of childhood. In a nutshell, a personalized baby bib will surely stand out in a crowd. 

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Adding a Personalized Touch to Mealtime

Let’s delve into personalizing a bib step-by-step.

Gather Supplies

The first step is to gather supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

• Soft and absorbent baby bibs

• Safe fabric markers or paints

• Stencils or letter templates

• Painter’s tape

• Iron-on patches or appliqués

• Thread

• Iron and ironing board

• Scissors 

Gather all the supplies you’ll need for this process. After you have them with you, we can move towards the next step of this fun and exciting process.

Pick your design:

The first step is to choose a design. Mostly, people opt for personalizing their baby’s name or initials. You can also add some cute illustrations, quotes, birthdate, or intricate patterns. You just need a design and you’re good to go. While choosing a design, make sure you consider yours and your baby’s style and personality. It helps create a gift that is specifically curated for someone. 

Prepare the bib:

Once you pick your design, it’s time to start preparing it. First, thoroughly wash and dry your bib according to the instructions given on it. This helps to eliminate any dirt so our personalization process is not affected. After drying the bib, iron it properly so wrinkles are present. Congrats! Your bib is prepared now.

Secure the bib:

Moving towards the next process, securing the bib. To prevent it from moving here and there during the process, you need to fasten it with paster’s tape. This keeps the bib fixed at one point so no lines smudge. Don’t place the tape too tightly otherwise it would damage the fabric.

Personalization touch:

Now comes the major step – Personalization! Based on your theme, you can choose fabric markers, paints, stencils, or letter templates. Embroidery has become one of most common personalization methods. So, if you know how the art of embroidery, you’re in luck! You can use thread to add on your baby’s name. if you are using stencils or templates, make sure to first draw an outline with a pencil or fabric marker. Afterwards, you can complete it with your desired colors, patterns, or embroider. You can even pour in your own creativity.

Allow the bib to dry and set:

You’re all done with the personalization. Now, it’s time to let it dry and set. Fabric markers and paint can dry within a few hours. Embroidery doesn’t need a time for setting. Once your bib is set, iron it so every design and embroidery become permanent.


Personalizing a baby bib is a fun process but requires meticulous attention too. Get yourself saved from this process and purchase personalized baby gifts Singapore from Lovingly Signed. With baby products including adorable baby bibs, this store is your place to be. Pick your desired thread color, add your baby’s name, and a beautiful, personalized bib is ready to become a perfect keepsake.