5 Tips For Overcoming Solo Travel Anxiety

5 Tips For Overcoming Solo Travel Anxiety

Travelling is one of the most remarkable things you can do during your lifetime. Whether you are a student looking to take a break from studying or a working adult who has had enough of mundane life, solo travel is truly an experience that can shape you for the better. The problem with solo travelling is the fear of the unknown. While you might enjoy time alone, being solely reliant on yourself in an unknown country can be daunting, and the anxiety it brings may ward you off the idea entirely.

The truth is that overcoming solo travel anxiety will be one of the most groundbreaking things you can do. Showing your resilience and ability to overcome any obstacles by yourself will set you up for life. Do not feel disheartened if you do not immediately jump to the idea of travelling alone, as it can be frightening and there are risk factors to consider. However, taking the leap and setting out a plan to have the experience of a lifetime will not be regretted. 

In this blog post, we will share the best ways you can begin to overcome your fear of travelling alone, put your mind at ease and ensure the start of your journey is as seamless as possible. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Watch videos from those who have overcome their travel anxiety 

First things first, learning from someone who has experienced the same fear as you and overcame it is a great way to get inspired. Thousands of online creators have shared their travelling experiences, where they went and how they tackled any mental barriers holding them back. Do some research on social media to find creators who have shared their experiences and where they went. You will begin to feel at ease as you hear more stories of people who had the experience of a lifetime after overcoming their mental blockages.

Focus on the positive outcomes of travelling 

When we are faced with anxiety, our minds immediately turn to the worst case imaginable. The more we get ourselves worked up, the greater the negativity bias begins to circulate the idea of solo travelling. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible, and the best way to switch things up is to switch your perspective. Instead, think of the best-case scenario. If you go travelling, you will experience wonderful cultures, meet friends for life, and have more opportunities that would otherwise not have been presented to you. Sounds like a dream right? Instead, consider this your reality and begin to believe the best-case scenario is possible.

Start with counties that you consider the safest

As touched on, certain safety considerations may also be instilling a sense of anxiety. Travelling to a new country surrounded by strangers may sound like the worst-case scenario, however, if you know you are in a safe country with similar solo travellers to yourself, your mind will be put slightly more at ease. For example, you may start in Australia to meet a group of travellers like yourself, and then start to work your way through southeast Asia. You do not have to drive into the middle of nowhere, instead start with the spots that are known to be filled with travellers like yourself.

Don’t rush each location 

You should avoid rushing between each location where you are solo travelling. This is also guaranteed to instil a sense of anxiety when solo travelling, as planning too far ahead can leave you with little room for flexibility or change. The whole point of travelling is to experience different places and cultures and to take it all in. When you plan your first week, have perhaps 3 weeks of hostels or accommodation planned, and from then see where the wind takes you. Take it slow, don’t rush, and also do not feel obliged to stick with the people you have met if you wish to stay elsewhere. There is always a new journey waiting for you when you are ready.

Pack the right things 

Finally, if you are a solo traveller it can be concerning carrying all of your belongings and keeping them safe. With no one to watch your back in the beginning, you may feel on edge. The key to solo travel packing is to pack the absolute essentials. You will pick things up along the way such as cultural clothes to remember your stay in each location and also toiletries, but just pack the essentials. Have two pairs of reliable hiking shoes, flip flops, bikini sets, and 7 casual day wear outfits. You will thank yourself when you aren’t carrying 30kg of luggage in your pack, unlike some unlucky travellers!