Get Up - It's just a bend, not an end!

Get Up - It's just a bend, not an end!

It is prudent to live your life to the fullest in every twist and turns that life proffers. The beauty of thought can take you everywhere and anywhere- a truly liberated mind can never be held captive. No amount of guilt can change the past and similarly, no amount of anxiety can change the future. It's essential to live in the moment to unleash your full potential. You need to embrace the reality whether it's good or bad so as to live in peace. Worrying is like paying a debt you never owe. Experience is the best teacher so it's wise to learn from the successes and failures of others. Here are quite a few tips that can facilitate in outshining the good that is already present in you.

Recognizing failure is learning: Great success is often preceded by failure. The biggest breakthroughs in life typically buds up when you are stuck and frustrated as it helps you to think outside the box to find the solution. Always maintain a good attitude even in your lowest moment as it is just a bend, not an end. Take some risks that are necessary for you to achieve your goals and dreams (with proper planning). You will learn to fly even if the risks don't work out. Learn to take setbacks as opportunities.

Never sacrifice your personal ethics and values: A great life begins with a great mindset. Your morals and values define who you are, how you work or live life. The more you stand for your values, the easier it will become to stand against the pressures of life. Soon, you will become a rock that cannot be moved, even in the greatest storms (Bohdi Sanders). So, always honor your principles as they truly reflect the person you are deep within and help in building a character that has the capability of handling any tough calls. For leading a fulfilling life, it's advisable to never trade-off your ethics, morals and principles (it's sagacious to move on and ahead in life as there are many better options available).

Learn to leave the table where respect is no longer being served: Be brave enough to leave the people who make you feel worthless, uninspired, anxious or drag you down. Whether it's your personal or professional life, do disassociate yourself from the people who disrespect you. And also, it is essential not to carry an emotional burden in your head. Just forgive them, move on and enjoy the great things that life has to offer. You must realize your self-worth (from within). You don't need anyone's approval for being acceptable. There will be naysayers, haters, non-believers, doubters and then you to prove all of them wrong!

Keep yourself silent and listen to others: When you speak a lot, you miss the beauty of silence. It's smart that you should talk less and listen more. Silent and listen have the same letters, henceforth, for being a good listener, you must keep yourself silent. Listening helps in building relationships, ensuring understanding, solving problems, resolving conflicts, respecting others, triggering new ideas and knowledge, blossoming creativity and improving leadership skills. While listening or even expressing yourself, you must filter out what is fruitful and what is not.

Learn to chill and practice patience: The worst thing in life is to permit yourself to die (from inside) while you are still alive. It's fine to be serious and busy in life, but you must also take some time to refresh, rejoice and rejuvenate yourself. Get outdoor in nature, interact with your closed ones, play games, watch something funny, clench your body, stretch out, get a colouring book, have a banana, have some play-time, keep calm, meditate, play the music, turn up & dance, help someone in need, do sky gazing, take a nap, feed the needy, be nice to yourself, study a new topic, go out for adventure, take a break from social media, avoid procrastination, adopt a hobby, enjoy simplicity, nurture yourself with kind and confident words, power pose (stand tall), solve a puzzle, and  make your environment safe haven.

Autopilot your brain on good things: When life doesn't go the way you have decided, you tend to lose focus on what really matters and indulge yourself in the vicious circle of pessimism. You must always keep a check over yourself and ask, if you are heading in the right direction. Use the reminder to boost yourself quite often. GIVE UP on the unhealthy lifestyle, excuses, your need to be liked, toxicity, saying yes to the things that don't support your goals and your dependency on Social Media.

Work smart (not hard): Being busy doesn't equate to one's success. The key requirement is to possess laser light focus to ensure that your time is managed effectively and productively. Have a mind of steel that is capable of grasping information quickly and consciously figures out what's right or wrong(?). Condition your mind as strong as steel so that no matter what comes down your way, you always stand up, get going, it doesn't break you and ensures to make the best out of the worst situations. 


Author's Information:

Name: Riya Gulati

Qualifications: LL.M (Intellectual Property & Information Technology) from University College Dublin, Ireland + BA.LLB from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, India